We saw 'Zombie Attack' listed a few days ago in the list of leaked Xbox titles, plus it was on the "original 50" list, so we're thinking this is coming out sooner than later. In fact, the images you see above are reportedly from the Windows Phone 7 port--so we must be getting close.

From the Windows Phone 7 description of 'Zombie Attack':

Lovers of zombies and tower defense-style games combined have a second chance to tear into more zombies with more weapons and in more locations than ever before. IUGO built upon what you loved best about the original Zombie Attack! game making it bigger, better and bloodier! Your mission: play as a survivor from the ultimate Zombie Apocalypse, protect your shack and stay alive. Kill zombies, earn points and cash to upgrade your weapons and bolster your fire power. Easy touch-screen controls make ZA! 2 an instant WP7 favorite.

Other features include:

  • 7 turrets (3 new, including the Pulsewave)
  • New upgrades to super turrets
  • 4 maps of varying sizes including Backyard and Trailer Park
  • Hordes of challenges, 5 for each map
  • 6 zombie types (4 new, including the Hound and Cheerleader)
  • Instantaneous save when quitting the app
  • Online high scores list for each map, local lists for challenges and personal records

So tower defense + zombies. Got it. No word on pricing.

Source: MobileTechReview forums; IUGO