Xbox Music and Xbox Video

When Xbox Music and Xbox Video first came out on Windows 8 they offered an abysmal experience. Especially when compared to the Zune desktop app, their spiritual successor. Thankfully that didn’t last too long, the Windows 8.1 refresh to both apps made them usable and enjoyable again. They’ve slowly been picking updates up over the past few months and today we’ve got another for both Xbox Video and Xbox Music.

The last update for Xbox Music came out a few weeks ago. It was remarkable for bringing back full screen artist visualizations to the music listening experience. Today we’re not getting any crazy new features in either app. Instead both are picking up minor improvements and fixes. However, after updating the app you’ll be greeted with the following changelog for Xbox Music for version 2.2.550:

  • Pin your favorite music to your Start screen to get to it quickly
  • See what’s up next and what you just heard on the improved Now Playing screen
  • Discover the most popular artists on Xbox Music on the Explore tab
  • See at a glance when a given album or song from Xbox Music is explicit

Xbox Music

That might at first seem like an outdated list of items added to Xbox Music, but it’s actually right. Check out the screenshot above and you’ll notice it plainly displays “explicit” next to the song length. That’s new in this latest version of Xbox Music and something we don’t see in earlier versions. But we’re not too sure what they mean by gaining the ability to pin favorite music, that’s always been there.

Either way, be sure to update to version 2.2.550 of Xbox Music and Xbox Video today!

Thanks for the tip Mickaël C!

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