Xbox Music

Head into the Windows Phone Store and you'll find two updates for Xbox Music and Xbox Video. We know Microsoft has bi-weekly updates planned for the two apps, which shouldn't make these two updates too unexpected. Though Microsoft has had them roll on Friday's normally.

Xbox Music

Head into the Windows Phone Store and you'll find Xbox Music now at version 2.5.3991.0. The last update we had for the app, version 2.5.3965.0, came out last week and introduced faster scrolling for songs list, the ability to purchase songs already in your collection and more.

Here's what we get today with Xbox Music:

  • It's now a bit faster to resume and browse the app.
  • If we can't play a song, we now offer a more useful error message.
  • We handle connectivity states better.
  • Bug fixed where album art doesn't show up for playlist songs that are not in your collection.
  • Stability improvements when scrolling lists and launching the app from Cortana.
  • Content begins syncing in the background following app updates.

Grab today's update and let us know what you think down below in the comments!

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Xbox Video

Head into the Windows Phone Store and version 2.5.3989.0 of Xbox Video (though users on Windows Phone 8.0 will see version 1.5.3989.0). Here's what you get fixed with today's update:

  • Some customers saw a perpetual "Loading …" message instead of their Collection.
  • In some instances TV and Movie detail pages did not load.

Not a big update, but we're glad to see fixes for Xbox Video fans.

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Thanks for the tips everyone!

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