Microsoft Live Video Player

Good old Microsoft has released an official Live Event app for Windows Phone 8 devices that will allow users to stream tomorrow’s live NEXT Xbox announcement to their devices.

Microsoft has previously has such an app for their Xbox 360 console, allowing users at home to watch on their big’ol TVs but they didn’t have anything available for their Windows Phone lineup. Now, they seemed to have rectified that with the official Live Video Player app.

Of course we have no idea how well it will work but we’re quite excited that those of you on-the-go tomorrow will be able to stream the major event to your Windows Phone 8 device.

If you still can’t watch the live event tomorrow, tune into Windows Phone Central as we’ll be doing a live blog and coverage throughout the day, so just check your app!

Pick up Microsoft’s Live Video Player here in the Store. Windows Phone 8 only. Thanks, Jay, for the heads up!

QR: Live Video Player