Xbox One 1408

The Xbox One 1408 (08 meaning the month of August) update preview is set to roll out in the coming days, but it's not known what this next release will bring to those rocking the preview app. According to an image sent in by a reader, it appears as though the update is actually rolling out early, or at least the first stage has kicked off. As one can see from the above photo, it's update 1408 on the Xbox One.

Currently, Xbox One owners are enjoying 1407 (July's update). So what's new in the 1408 preview? We're not entirely sure just yet, but looking at the above image, there's a mention of remote downloading of apps and games by purchasing them on or through SmartGlass, waking up the console and automatically downloading content (console has to be configured for Instant on). Additionally, a low battery notification will be displayed on-screen when the controller runs low on juice.

Finally, Microsoft is making it so the controller will vibrate when the Xbox button is held down long enough to carry out an action. There are other things listed in the photo, but we haven't yet received word as to what they are. Want to get involved with these previews? Be sure to check your Xbox Live account messages and download the app on your console. We're still working hard, trying to locate a full change log for 1408. Once we have one, we'll update this post.

Thanks, Michael, for sending the image in!