Xbox One Madden NFL 16 Bundle

We are only a few weeks away from the start of the 2016 NFL pro football season, and Microsoft wants fans to get ready with a newly revealed Xbox One bundle. It will consist of the 1TB version of the console, bundled with not only Madden NFL 16 from Electronic Arts, but also a code to get one year of EA Access, all for the 1TB's regular price of $399.

Microsoft says:

"Madden NFL 16 brings back your favorite Madden NFL modes: Connected Franchise, Ultimate Team, and last year's new mode, Skills Trainer. Plus, it introduces brand-new modes like Draft Champions, a Madden-style take on fantasy football. New and improved controls give you way more playmaking options on both ends of the play, whether you're a quarterback or a wide receiver fighting for the ball in the air. And the new presentation modes make the whole thing look, feel, and sound like a prime-time broadcast. All in all, you've got a massive new Madden NFL experience to keep you busy for many, many hours.

The game itself normally costs $59.99 on its own, and the addition of EA Access, which allows gamers to play 12 older EA Xbox One games as much as they want, is worth $29.99 for one year. Basically, people who get this bundle will get close to $90 worth of free stuff. The Xbox One Madden NFL 16 bundle will go on sale August 18, which is actually one week before the game itself goes on sale as a stand-alone product on August 25.

Source: Xbox Wire

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