Xbox "Avatars" are set to get a complete overhaul in both visual design and functionality, in an update rolling out to Xbox One owners this fall.

These player-designed digital avatars came to be a core aspect of the Xbox 360 social experience in its later years, but following the release of the Xbox One, they're almost nowhere to be seen across the operating system. With a planned update for later this year, Avatars will be re-emerging as a more prominent aspect of the Xbox One experience.

Built from the ground up in the Unity engine, the second generation of Avatars come with hugely increased flexibility. Among the improvements are enriched emotions, diversity, and customization, which each give players the tools for true self-expression.

Almost one year ago we got a sneak peek of the avatar redesign when the company first announced plans to introduced wheelchair props. In the time that's followed, it's clear there's been a huge investment in polishing up the features. Although it's currently unknown how Avatars will be bound into the Xbox One experience, we can expect to learn more in the coming months. Let us know what you think of the Avatar makeover in the comments.