It seems only yesterday that Microsoft’s latest console, the Xbox One, was revealed on the Xbox Campus. In reality, the console was revealed months ago on May 21st, 2013. Now, Major Nelson has published photos of the first batch of Xbox One consoles ready to ship out.

The first photo above shows a case of consoles packed in discrete brown cardboard packaging with a bright orange label that states “Do not sell or display before November 22, 2013”. The second photo below, showcases a collection of the brown packaged boxes on a multiple pallets in a truck, ready to be shipped out to retailers.

Microsoft has had a collection of up and down moments with its Xbox One announcement and this November 22nd will reveal whether the criticisms will truly affect the unit’s sales.

Have you preordered your Xbox One or do you plan to fight for one at a retail store this autumn?

Source: Major Nelson's Blog