Xbox One

The Xbox One will finally be available, officially at least, in more places in India starting in September. After a year-old exclusive deal on India's Amazon site, Microsoft's game console will be sold at the company's retail stores next month.

According to NDTV Gadgets

"The reason for Microsoft not approaching other retail stores such as Reliance Digital, Landmark, and Croma is due to the large amounts of unsold inventory during the Xbox 360 era we've been told."

"Microsoft knows if they approach the bigger outlets they'll be rejected outright, there still is a lot of excess Xbox 360 inventory in the channel. We still have Xbox 360s on our show floor even though it's an Amazon exclusive right now," a salesman at a large format retailer explained."

Windows Central's Harish Jonnalagadda tells us that you can buy the Xbox One in other stores in India, but those outlets don't offer an official warranty for the console.

Source: HDTV Gadgets