Xbox One external drive

If an image posted by an Xbox One developer is any indication, external drive support may be coming to the Xbox One soon. An anonymous Xbox One developer posted the above image to Reddit last week, with the title: "Adding more hype on the list of things to come."

The image posted by the anonymous dev shows an Xbox One dashboard with the message "External Drive Ready," along with a widget that reveals the available storage on the external drive. Although the Xbox One comes with a 500 GB internal hard drive, triple-A games like Titanfall take up to 50 GB of storage. Install enough games and you're bound to run out of disk space eventually.

There is no indication as to what kind of drives will be compatible, but it is possible we'll hear more details at Microsoft's E3 event on June 9. With the sheer aggression with which Microsoft has been pushing updates to the Xbox One, it may not be long before this feature is available.

Source: Reddit, Via: Engadget