The Xbox One is slowly making its way through the beginnings of 2014, just months after its November release, but already gamers and general consumers alike are enjoying available features and titles. That said, many have complained about certain features and functions (or lack of) on the console. According to The Verge, Microsoft will be releasing a new update on February 11th to address a handful of said console issues.

The patch will include new features focused on displaying what you've got installed on the console itself, making it easier to manage storage space, not to mention splitting up My Games and My Apps to make it more convenient to browse local content.

An indicator for controller battery will also be added in, as well as the ability to connect and use a USB keyboard with the Xbox One. "Lots of behind-the-scenes updates" will join what we've covered already and this update will not only make changes for gamers, but developers too. We'll expect numerous fixes to patch anything consumers have left feedback on.

Future updates in 2014 will be dedicated to Xbox Live part and multiplayer functionality, kicking off a stream of releases to implement what Microsoft has planned for the Xbox One.

via: The Verge