Xbox One February update rolls out to the masses with game hubs, tv updates, and more

After initially launching in preview form a little under a month ago, Microsoft announced the official release of the February system update for its Xbox One console today. Coming along for the ride is the addition of Game Hubs, along with a number of changes to party chat, OneGuide, and more.

The Xbox team provided a brief summary of what you can expect in today's update:

"This month, we're improving the Xbox One controller, enhancing Party Chat and adding new TV features like trending to OneGuide, and bringing "trick play" and live streaming on Windows Phone and Android to Xbox Live members in Europe using the Digital TV Tuner. Additionally, you can discover new content from your favorite games and further personalize your dashboard, among other cool new features."

Further, this update also includes the addition of Game Hubs, which Microsoft describes as "the go-to centers for interesting content, tips and tricks for your favorite titles." From a game's hub, you'll be able to check out leaderboards, game clips, along withactivity feeds centered directly around that game.

Of course, Microsoft goes much more in-depth into each update in change, so be sure to check that out from the source link below. Also, keep in mind that the update just started rolling out, so it may take some time to show up on your console.

Happy updating!

Source: Major Nelson