Ryse: Son of Rome

There are a few challenges for those wanting to make the transition to an all-digital game library with the Xbox One. A complaint echoed by many is that the games still cost too much, especially when compared to their physical disc-based equivalents. Often times retailers like Amazon or Target will offer big discounts on physical Xbox One games, while the digital version in the Xbox One game library remains at full price. Of course the Xbox One is only a few months old, so it was only a matter of time before digital games went on sale. Ryse: Son of Rome will be that first game.

For seven days you’ll be able to pick up Ryse on the Xbox One for just $39.99 USD in the Games on Demand section. It starts tomorrow, the 18th, and goes until the 24th of the month. The game is being discounted to hopefully get more gamers to play the game in anticipation of an upcoming DLC that includes new maps, new character skin and a new cooperative gameplay mode called Survival Mode.

Hopefully we’ll start seeing more Xbox One games go on sale in the Games on Demand section. Anyone who doesn’t already have Ryse thinking of picking up the game when it goes on sale? Sound off below.

Source: Xbox