Kinect can be shut off to give games better GPU performance

Microsoft's June XDK release for Xbox brings more flexible performance to gaming at the discretion of developers. Director of Development, Xbox Software Engineering Kareem Choudhry revealed that developers now have access to more GPU bandwidth that could help boost gaming performance when resources are not used or tied up.

"We continue to optimize the platform, make new technology investments, and give titles increased flexibility to use the features that best meet their needs," Choudry revealed.

What this means is that in the past, 10 percent of the GPU is reserved for system resources, like using the Kinect camera. With the new XDK, if a game doesn't need Kinect, developers now have 100 percent access to the Xbox One GPU so they can bring even better graphics performance to their games.

Additionally, developers will have the flexibility to enable or disable Kinect use in select parts of the game. Kinect can be used to sign in to a game, but shut off in other parts of the game to bring better GPU performance, for example.

Microsoft says that it is working with developers to bring games with more GPU flexibility. In fact, a few titles are already announced with the boost in GPU performance thanks to the XDK, including Destiny and Sunset Overdrive.

Source: Xbox

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