It’s been a busy weekend for unintended leaks of upcoming Microsoft products. First we had Windows Phone GDR3 and Bittersweet Shimmer, that was followed by an alleged photo of Windows Phone 8.1 and now we have the Xbox One.

The Xbox One was revealed in all of its glory months ago and since then, we’ve had a steady stream of official news from Microsoft on the product. Because of that, we’re not too sure this video reveals anything new. But it is curious because unless this is some viral Microsoft marketing campaign (don’t put it past them), the Xbox One hardware has evidently ended up in non-official hands, making it ripe for teardowns and tours of the unfinished hardware and software.

The video, posted by ‘Jackson Carter’, is just over 2 minutes long and is narrated. The video begins with the new Xbox One controller and they we’re given a brief tour of the Xbox One console, before going to the Dashboard (you can even spy the Kinect 2 below the TV).

From there, we see some navigation of the Dashboard and gameplay or Ryse: Son of Rome Demo, before quickly toggling back to the Dashboard. What’s really cool of course is seeing the game still playing the cut scene while minimized in the Dashboard, showing off the multitasking power of the One. The software is reported as still being “buggy”.

Overall, an interesting addition the weekend.  

Source: YouTube; Thanks, Jason L. (Twitter), for the tip!