Microsoft is allowing Xbox One owners to pre-load and pre-order the digital versions of Bungie's long awaited sci-fi shooter Destiny before the game is officially released on September 9th.

This will likely be a huge but welcome surprise for gamers who have been waiting to play Destiny but didn't want to bother with buying a physical disc. The digital purchase and pre-load for both the regular version of the game, the Vanguard Amory pre-order incentive, and the special digital edition is already available in Europe, according to our tipster. In the US, the pre-load and pre-ordering is still unavailable on the Xbox One but we would bet it will be going live soon.

Pre-loads mean that Xbox One owners can download most of the game well ahead of its September 9th release date and they will be able to grab the final files on 12:01 am Pacific Time on that day to start playing Destiny right away. Are you excited that the game will be available for digital buyers in this fashion?

Update It looks like Microsoft might have turned the keys on the Destiny digital pre-orders a little early as those links are now no longer available. However, it's likely that this was just a case of the company jumping the gun a bit and that Destiny will officially be available for digital pre-orders soon.

Thanks to Dawid for the tip!