Xbox One Preview Dashboard update makes it easier to report a problem

If you're opted into the Xbox One preview program, reporting and bringing awareness to problems just got a little easier. Microsoft rolled out an update to the Preview Dashboard's "report a problem" page today that makes it a bit easier to report issues and "+1" known problems.

Microsoft announced the update via an email to Xbox One Preview participants today. From the email:

"When you run into a problem, you'll be able to see if it's already been reported by other Preview members - if it has, you can just +1 it to let us know that you just encountered that problem too. And if you don't see your problem in the list, report a new one and let us know which game, app, or Xbox One feature you were using when something went wrong."

The changes should make checking out and reporting problems much easier. If you want to see the changes yourself, you can check them out by holding the Xbox button on your controller and selecting "report a problem" from there.

Thanks to Nicholas for the tip!