Xbox One Preview

To show just how much Microsoft appreciates feedback provided in the Xbox One Preview program, the company is making it so participants are able to track their contributions in the new "My Stats" section of the Preview Dashboard app, collecting points in the process. Microsoft is enrolling consumers on the Xbox One Preview program, which sees updates and new features loaded onto consoles owned by those who have opted in to check out what's new and provide feedback on content just about ready to go live across the board, as well as squash any bugs present.

Whether it's completing quests, filling in surveys, answering polls or even rating updates as a whole, Microsoft will be showing just how much you've been involved since the program kicked off earlier this year. Earning points for the above will enable you to unlock new preview pics and may provide some bragging rights against friends in the available leaderboard. More bonus point opportunities are reportedly planned.

So, how are you getting on in the preview program? Check out the Preview points Q&A for more details.

Source: Major Nelsen