If you have an Xbox One and a Windows Phone, your experience just improved a bit today with version of SmartGlass landing in the Store.

On a cursory glance, SmartGlass looks the same as December’s update, but heading under Settings will reveal a new menu item: Game Clips. Using the SmartGlass app, users can now browse through their collection of recorded hits and even play them directly on the phone.

Update: Turns out you could do this before, at least according to some, but it was under Friends or something odd. With today's update, it's a lot more obvious with its dedicated section under the Menu.

We have to admit, it’s a little surreal to see Peggle 2 playing on our Lumia 1520. Indeed, the resolution is fantastic, and there is no compromise here in terms of quality. There is no way to manage those clips though, so deleting or even sharing would still have to be through the Xbox One. But we’ll take this new feature as it’s a lot of fun.

While Game Clips aren’t for everyone, the ability to record your best moves or highscore moments in games goes a long way for people who want to engage in the ol’ humblebrag. It’s great to see Windows Phone now me a part of that as well.

Pick up Xbox One SmartGlass for Windows Phone 8 here in the Store.

Thanks, Armandraiz S. and Angel R.,, for the tips!

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