Microsoft has started teasing and showing off the next-generation of video game consoles at its stores across the US. The Xbox One is shown in the above video to be sat comfortably, being fed grapes, behind some Smart Glass (you saw what I just did there, right? I'll show myself out). Not quite ready to be unleashed to consumers until November this year, you'll be able to catch a glimpse of the console in all its glory at your local.

As well as the "big black box," Microsoft has also bundled the Kinect sensor and new controller to boot. Unfortunately, should you not reside near a Microsoft Store (or happen to be outside the country), you'll not be able to touch the glass and imagine battling the covenant on another Halo ring. Luckily, there's not that long of a wait to endure until we'll be able to pick the next-gen console up - unless you live in the countries where the console is delayed for 2014.

Source: YouTube, via: The Verge