Microsoft has just posted up their live action trailer for the upcoming Xbox One exclusive open world action game Sunset Overdrive and it could be the best trailer of its type ever made for a video game. Yes, it's that good and that entertaining to watch.

The video, which is rather long at over four minutes, has a "meta" theme to it as it actually depicts the fictional "behind-the-scenes" making of the trailer. Apparently the director went all out in trying to depict the game world created by developer Insomniac games. Unfortunately, his vision has one big problem; Sunset Overdrive's universe could not possibly be created in the real world, at least in the way he is trying to bring it to life.

In the end, the trailer is a hilarious look at a Hollywood-style production, complete with actors who think they can do their own stunts, assistant directors who try to warn the director that the extras in suits could die in the heat, and pyrotechnic "experts" who just want to blow things up. It all adds up to a very entertaining video that, we hope, also bodes well for the Sunset Overdrive game as well.

What is your opinion of the trailer: Great or The Greatest?

Source: Xbox on YouTube