Xbox One Titanfall

We only just caught wind of the Xbox One Titanfall bundle in the UK, alongside a price cut to bring the cost of the console down to just £399. Those who reside in the US will also be able to get in on the action with this bundle. The Microsoft Store has the Xbox One Titanfall package listed for $499.99.

What does this bundle contain? For the $499.99 fee, you'll be returning home with:

  • Xbox One console with Kinect in Titanfall packaging
  • Xbox Live Gold (1 month)
  • Titanfall download

If you haven't already picked up the Xbox One and are eagerly awaiting the release of Titanfall, now's the perfect opportunity to accept your invitation. This bundle will be made available on March 12th with the UK release on March 11th. We've also spotted the same bundle over on Amazon US.

Source: Microsoft Store; thanks, Infamy79, for the heads up!

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