xbox one

The Xbox One is Microsoft’s latest console for your living room. It’s only been available a few months, but is already seeing successful growth in the marketplace. About ten days ago we learned that over 3 million Xbox One consoles have been sold globally since launch. Now we have some new data from the NDP Group that focuses on the console market in the United States. Let’s check it out.

How’d the Xbox One do here in the U.S. market? It was the number one console by selling nearly a million units. In December, the Xbox One sold 908,000 units while the Xbox 360 still moved 643,000. That gave Microsoft, with both the Xbox One and Xbox 360, 46% of the December hardware console marketshare and 10% year over year growth for the previous December.

Microsoft also saw $1.39 billion spent in the month of December for software, hardware and accessories on both the Xbox One and Xbox 360. That’s a notable amount because total video game sales in December for the United States were at $3.28 billion. Which means Microsoft owned nearly 50% of video game sales here in the United States.

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Source: Xbox