It's not something that everyone will encounter as a problem, but the dreaded ten Windows 10 device limit for app installations has caught out pretty much everyone who works here. If you, too, run into this, then take note that the Xbox One will now count towards your limit of ten as well.

I've just been given the message to remove some devices while setting up a review laptop and on going to sort that out the Xbox One has now found itself sitting atop the list. Since my console is in the preview program and I've been installing apps this last week, that would be where it came from.

It's not a total surprise but it is something you'll have to take note of. Especially if you use a lot of different Windows 10 products. The universal store is coming together and we're getting apps across the entire ecosystem.

You effectively go down to 9 slots unless you don't want to use apps on your Xbox One. Just something to bear in mind.