Xbox One will support Xbox 360 game streaming to Windows 10 and Oculus Rift

At E3 this week, Microsoft dropped a bomb by announcing that backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 games is coming to the Xbox One, and is currently available to preview members. Now, the company has confirmed that Xbox 360 games will be able to take advantage of Xbox One to Windows 10 game streaming as well.

From Engadget:

In a private demo of the Xbox One's revamped interface, the company confirmed to Engadget that users will have access to its streaming functionality when the new features roll out this holiday season. (If you're a member of the Preview Program, though, you should be able to play 360 games on a Win 10 machine already.)

In a followup, Engadget was also able to confirm that this applies to the Oculus Rift as well, which, as was recently revealed, will fully support game streaming in Windows 10. Overall, this is some very interesting news. While streaming Xbox One games to Windows 10 was already a pretty big feature, it's great to see that the newly-announced backwards compatibility will extend this feature to older games as well.

Source: Engadget (1, 2) Thanks for the tip, Lawrence!