Breakthrough Awards

Microsoft’s Xbox One can use its Kinect sensor to see in the dark by using Infrared technology, it can count the fingers on your hands, and detect your heartbeat as you dance to your favorite song. According to Popular Mechanics, these and other qualities are enough to award the Xbox One as one of the Top 10 Breakthrough Products of 2013.

James Meigs, Editor in Chief of Popular Mechanics, commented on the award saying that “each year’s recipients are awe-inspiring as they shape our future through life-changing ideas and innovative products”. Whether you are a fan of Microsoft’s Xbox One or not, it must be noted that the hardware within Kinect 2 and the ability to naturally interact with the console is astonishing.

You can pick up the latest copy of Popular Mechanics on October 15th to check out full list of breakthrough products. Microsoft will also be present at an award ceremony in New York City this October 22nd.

Xbox One’s Kinect sensor – an awesome breakthrough or over-hyped technology?

Source: Popular Mechanics; via Microsoft