Microsoft's Shanghai hardware event is currently underway in China, where the company has announced the latest revisions of its Surface Pro tablet line. Alongside these announcements, Microsoft also provided details on a Chinese release for its "Project Scorpio" Xbox console.

Project Scorpio will now be releasing sometime this year in China – likely around the same period of the console's initial debut in other countries. Although Microsoft didn't specify a simultaneous launch with the United States, the console's expected fall release shouldn't allow for much of a delay.

This is a somewhat noteworthy move by Microsoft, following the delay the original Xbox One suffered launching in the Chinese market. Between a thirteen-year-long console ban in the country and an unexpected delay, the console eventually released during September 2014 – almost a year after the console's western debut.

Although official word of Project Scorpio is still rather scarce, Microsoft is set to fully showcase the console at its E3 2017 press conference. Hopefully, we'll also come to learn more about regions getting the device at launch. Stay tuned to Windows Central in the coming weeks for more information on Project Scorpio and E3 2017.