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Microsoft's Fiscal 2015 Q2 results are out and as the first set of numbers after the holidays we've got a clearer picture of how well Xbox performed through the busiest shopping time of the year. The numbers are generally good, with massive unit sales coming despite a drop in overall revenue.

This is in no small part due in both cases to aggressive pricing throughout. In the period around Black Friday and into the Christmas period, the Xbox One could be had with substantial discounts and there will have been a lot of consoles sold without Kinect. All-in-all great for getting the console out there, not so great for the immediate revenue figures.

MSFT earnings slide

Unit sales for the quarter were at 6.6 million, a staggering 4.2 million more than the previous quarter. Total revenue was down 20%. The strong promotional pricing ultimately made a serious mark on Microsoft's share of the console market, while lost revenue can be clawed back through successful first and third party game titles. Which it's fair to say Microsoft isn't doing too badly with.

Not forgetting the venerable Xbox 360, either. Microsoft commented that sales of the previous generation console were down for the quarter, due to customer preference for the latest generation of consoles. And now there are a lot more Xbox One consoles out there, it'll be interesting to watch where the numbers go from here.

Source: Microsoft

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