Xbox Video Windows Phone

Recently, Microsoft announced some further changes to the Zune Marketplace motivated by the company’s move away from the Points system for payments. The modifications mean that any purchases through Zune for video or music will begin to end in just a few days (though Zune Pass subscribers can still stream or use their credits, thankfully).

Interestingly, a little footnote about Xbox Video went unnoticed by many including ourselves, which has some widespread implications for current customers. It notes that “Starting later this year you will be able to access Xbox Video on Xbox One, Windows Phone 8, and any web browser”.

That’s a big deal because as of right now, you can’t transfer previously purchased videos from Zune or the Xbox 360 on Windows Phone 8. Likewise, you can’t buy videos either on the phone for somewhat obvious reasons.

We covered this issue back in November of last year as we observed Microsoft’s somewhat misleading characterization of three screens and video content (see above). Now, one year later and it looks like Microsoft will finally make amends.

Error when trying to copy over purchased video content

The ability to also watch that same video content via the web should also not be dismissed. That too could be quite useful when traveling or visiting a friend.

If we had to guess, the support for Windows Phone 8 will come via the GDR3 update that is coincidentally due before the end of the year. Currently, there appears to be a “media rights” verification issue that is not amendable via the current operating system, requiring a system update to enable playback of purchased video content.

Source: Microsoft; Thanks, Matthew W., for the tip!