Xbox website updated with voice message playback, demo search

The Xbox website has been updated with a couple of minor, albeit useful new features. In all, there are only two new features, but gamers can now listen to voice messages from the website and finally see demos in search results. Here's the breakdown:

  • Listen to Voice messages on We've added support for voice message playback on the website.
  • Show demos in search results: We've added support to show demos in search results and purchase/redeem demo downloads.

Again, these aren't revolutionary new features, but they should come in handy for those of you that spend a lot of time on the Xbox website when away from your consoles. It also proves that the Xbox One itself isn't the only place that Microsoft is looking to react to user feedback, so be sure to chime in on the UserVoice site with more features you'd like to see on the website.

Source: Major Nelson