Xbox on Windows 10 for phone

While the Xbox app for Windows 10 has been available for preview users for a while now, the Windows 10 for phone public builds have lacked their own version of the gaming app. That may change soon, thanks to newly leaked screenshots and a video showing the phone version of the Xbox Windows 10 app in action.

Xbox For Windows 10 for phone

The images and video come from Iran-based, which has the app installed on a Lumia 1320. It shows features such as viewing Xbox Live achievements, watching Twitch gameplay video broadcasts, and chatting with friends. It also shows a Game DVR feature in the menu. It's currently unknown if this section means that Windows 10 for phone users can actually record gameplay video on their device or if they can simply watch previously recorded clips from a Windows 10 PC or an Xbox One console.

Microsoft's last public Windows 10 for phone build was released around three weeks ago with build 10052. The company's next build is expected to add, among other things, the new universal Office apps for phone.

Source:; Thanks to SaeedZeroOne for the tip!