A few readers have asked us about the official place to check for the Xbox Live Deal of the Week. The best place, of course, is WPCentral. But now there is an official web portal for the Deal of the Week: Xbox.com’s Windows Phone 7 page.

The official Windows Phone 7 page has actually been around for a while, but it’s recently received a major revamp. This is what you’ll find there:

  • The week’s new Xbox Live release(s) is displayed near the top of the page.
  • Featured games highlights a selection of Xbox Live titles. They’re not necessarily good games, mind you – the dismal 3D Brick Breaker Revolution is a featured game at the moment.
  • The 6 weeks of Must-Have Games that we mentioned a while back have their own dedicated page. I’m still surprised that Geo Defense is on that list, but maybe it’ll end up being something special and not just another annoyingly-hard tower defense game.
  • The Tons of Games page has a nearly complete list of Xbox Live titles (Star Wars Cantina is conspicuously absent), including a few games that haven’t actually been released yet. We already have a list like that in the WPCentral forums, divided by released and upcoming games. It links to both the official Xbox.com product pages and our reviews for each title.
  • All the way at the bottom, the Deal of the Week is listed.

It’s good to see the Xbox.com Windows Phone 7 page becoming more useful. I’d like to see more information about each game and larger screen shots (they are tiny). If Microsoft adds more significant features to the page, we’ll be sure to let you know.