In March, Microsoft and Xiaomi announced that both companies would work on a program to beta test a Windows 10 Mobile ROM inside the Xiaomi Mi 4 smartphone, which was originally built for the Android OS. Now Xiaomi is about ready to begin that beta program, but there's a big catch: the testers must live in Beijing, China.

In a post on Xiaomi's support forums, it announces the launch of sign-ups for the program, but one of the apparent conditions is the ability to visit Microsoft's Asia-Pacific headquarters "to communicate directly with Microsoft Windows 10 development team of engineers". If selected, testers will not only get a Windows 10 Mobile ROM for their Xiaomi Mi 4 but also a "Medal of identification to obtain Windows 10 beta" and a "Windows 10 special souvenir."

If you happen to live in Beijing, you can sign up for the beta program. Some websites have claimed the Windows 10 ROM will be sent to testers on June 1, but we have been unable to confirm that.

Source: Xiaomi; Via: WindowsblogItalia