XOLO, the India-based smartphone OEM which has already launched a 4.7-inch Windows Phone this year, the XOLO Win Q900, could be close to revealing a new and larger device, the Win Q1000.

According to a listing on the Zauba.com site, a shipment of the smartphones traveled from China to India sometime in November. The listing shows that the XOLO Win Q1000 will have a 5-inch screen and will support dual SIMs, but aside from that there's no other information about the product.

The XOLO Q900 got some notoriety for being the lightest Windows Phone device made so far at 100g. It's doubtful that the new Win Q1000 will be as light, and hopefully we won't have to wait too long before it's officially announced with a full set of hardware specs and a price tag.

Source: Zauba.com Thanks to Hitesh for the tip!