We're not going to be able to give you the full rundown on the Xperia X1a right away, but trust us when we say we're pretty darn stoked. See, I'm here in San Francisco with Rene from The iPhone Blog to cover Macworld (that'll be live-blogged too.  Heck, I'm doing A TreoCentral Live Blog as well for the Palm announcement). We stopped by the Sony Style store and asked if they were selling the Xperia X1a yet.  Answer:

We had them before but they took them away for some reason.  But we just got two in on Saturday.  Let me ask if we're allowed to sell them, they said we could start on Monday but let me confirm.

867 dollars (after taxes) later, WMExperts proudly has an an X1a to show off.  We'll rock it around CES next week and generally give it some time to sink in before we present our thoughts in greater detail.  Meanwhile, we recommend you hit up your local Sony Style Store to see what they have.  Apparently, the X1a isn't the great white whale we were afraid it was

After the break getcher unboxing photos and a couple comparison shots with the HTC Fuze.