While we are waiting for the Xperia X2 to make it to market, Sony is trying to reassure customers that the new Windows phone won't be left out on any software updates.  The schedule was announced through Sony's official blog site for the Xperia in hopes to let consumers know they heard the complaints on the lack of updates for the X1 and "doesn't want to go there again".

In March (presumably 2010), Sony hopes to launch the first upgrade for the X2 (code named MR1) that will upgrade Windows Mobile from 6.5.1 to 6.5.2. Additionally, MR1 will video telephony, an FM radio, quicker GPS functionality, and a few other applications to the X2. It will also address any bugs that are identified through consumer use.

The next update is expected to go live in May that will bring Windows Mobile 6.5.3 to the X2. Sony is considering this upgrade "the big one" that will significantly improve usability, performance, power management and the browser experience.

In announcing this schedule Sony did remind everyone that the X2 will not see Windows Mobile 7 due to the lack of hardware support.

It's nice to see Sony take a proactive approach in giving consumers an idea when their Windows phone should see updates. The one thing that would make this news better is having the Xperia X2 available on store shelves. [xperiancers]