When Yahoo Go Beta was released last year for Windows Mobile devices, I was pretty jazzed up about it. It basically offered quick and easy push email as well was calendar and contacts sync to your average Joe-Consumer with little to no setup. Sure, it was tied to Yahoo, but it was also incredibly well-made.

Later on Yahoo released "Gamma" which did not work on Windows Mobile, so finding the older version of the software became tough. I was unhappy. Now it appears that HTC and Yahoo have become BFF, as HTC plans to preload the Yahoo software on their devices - insipiring me to re-check their Windows Mobile page, which sadly shows just as many "Coming Soons" as it does compatible devices. Hopefully Yahoo will get it working on other devices soon - it's a great app for folks that want exchange-like functionality without the hassles of an exchange server. Currently it looks like April for PocktPC versions of WM.

Yahoo has teamed up with High Tech Computer (HTC) to put a suite of Internet software applications on millions of Windows Mobile handsets, the companies said Wednesday.

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Update: I just noticed, there aren't any square screen devices on Yahoo's list of Devices that are "Coming Soon." Treo owners might be out of luck?