Good news for developers outside the loving arms of Microsoft's AppHub: Marketplace submission proxy, Yalla Apps, has added a few services to make your lives easier.  First and foremost, devs can now use Yalla to submit paid apps and collect money from sales in the Marketplace.  They have also begun offering payment via MoneyBookers, making payment to international developers much more convenient. 

In addition, Yalla has changed their charging structure.  For an annual subscription price of $99, users will be able to submit unlimited paid apps and up to 100 free ones.  They will also receive a free device unlock, which normally costs 100 credits. 

"Our aim is to enable people to have easy access and availability to technology, to give them the means to use their skills. The new enhancements made on the Yalla Apps platform are the perfect way of making the platform even more accessible to developers in the Middle East and Africa region, with further ways for users to make revenue from their creations and get their apps out on the market using Windows Phone 7 Marketplace," said Gustavo Fuchs, Microsoft Mobility director, Middle East & Africa.

This news is hopefully some consolation to those who learned in March that they would have to go through a third-party to submit apps to Microsoft.  There was a fair bit of controversy, as Yalla's terms of service state that apps published through them will include the tag: "Brought to you by Yalla Apps on behalf of [Your Developer Name]."  Furthermore, parent company, Prototype Interactive, develops apps themselves, leading some to see this as a major conflict of interest.

Source: ITP; Via: WMPU