YallaApps recently added paid app support (to complement free submissions), as well as setting up a new payment gateway with MoneyBookers enabling an easy way for developers to pay (and be paid from purchases). The service, unfortunately, doesn't currently sport in-app advertising options for free submissions, thus not having adverts displayed in free apps.

One of our readers decided to get in touch with YallaApps and query whether or not they are looking to bring this option to the table. The response was somewhat positive:

"Microsoft Ads are currently not supported in our market. However we are working on a few options to get ad support to all our users.

We are expecting for this to be implemented within the next 2 months."

By somewhat I mean it's not a definite answer as to what this implementation will be. But it is good news for developers who use YallaApps, as an option for advertising in freely submitted apps will open up a new path for revenue streaming, which can prove effective should the app in question have high usage.

We recently covered how Microsoft Advertising yields 71% higher than Google AdMob. Having this network implemented in YallaApps would be sweet, but we don't see it happening, especially when it's not available anywhere else but in the U.S.

Thanks Hazem for the heads up!