Anyone wake up from their hangover in the year 2016?

Seems a new bug has afflicted our phones today: text messages come dated six years from now.

So unless something really weird happened last night, we're seeing a nasty bug in our little gizmos.  Here's what we know as of now:

  • Messages received after 1/1/2010 may be dated as 2016
  • Effects WM6.1, WM6.5 and even non-Windows Mobile phones
  • It is ROM independent, meaning switching won't help
  • All Some carriers seem to be experiencing this bug, but T-Mobile seems fine
  • HTC and LG are aware, but no official response yet

We'll keep updating this story as more information comes along!  Please tell us your experience in comments and give device/OS/carrier info too.

Update 1: Interesting coincidence noticed by Subzero1312?  Today's date 010110 is binary for 16 (hex)

Update 2: Adam Z. Lein ( has noted his T-Mo TP2 is unaffected as is Phil's Moto Droid. The plot thickens.

Update 3.5: It's fixed! A temporary workaround has been found:  Download this .cab and give a thanks to Ziggy471 & Scientific for working on this issue!  We still need an "official" patch from HTC, LG, etc. on this issue, but for now, the above trick will work.  The Ziggy patch works by using your device time instead of the SMS gateway server to record time sent.

Update 4:  Added a MS Tag option for direct download too.  Also, follow the technical discussion at Slashdot as to why this happened.

[thanks, CFay, for the tip!]