Had enough with the MotoQ9 naming news yet? Too bad, you'll take your MotoQ9 rumors and you'll like it.

Here's the latest - the Q9M (the "M" is for "Music") will be joined on Verizon by the Q9C (The "C" is for ... "Corporate?"). No hardware differences between them (though it's possible that, like with the Q, Verizon will "break" the camera by disabling it in the software). The only differences: software. The Q9M will have fancy media add-ons (the shiny wheel you may have seen) while the Q9C will be "just the Windows Mobile, Ma'am."

Oh, and it looks like the Q9 will also support SDIO - read, external SD-card-based WiFi a possibility.

Well it appears some more of Verizon's PDA lineup details have leaked out. Here we have a chart comparing the Q and the two flavors of the Q9m and Q9c. The M will be the consumer version while the C will be the enterprise version. It seems the only difference will be the software package but enjoy the specs that are now basically confirmed.

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