The SkyDrive team has been killing it lately. Sure there was the whole needing to change the name setback, but other than that it’s been a rosy year. Earlier in May, it hit the 250 million customer mark, which is very impressive. Earlier today, Microsoft announced that anyone who buys a Surface 2 or Surface Pro 2 will get 200GB of SkyDrive storage for two years. That 200GB option has been extended to everyone with a new pricing tier on SkyDrive.

SkyDrive comes with 7GB of free storage, but you can pay a year fee to add more storage to yours. It’s connected to your Microsoft accounts and comes in various increments. There’s a new option of an extra 200GB for $100 per year. According to Microsoft, that’s enough storage to take a photo, every hour, from the moment someone is born to the day they graduate.

Here’s the new breakdown.

  • 20GB - $10 / year
  • 50GB - $25 / year
  • 100GB - $50 / year
  • 200GB - $100 / year

Anyone interested in using the storage option or are you content with your current SkyDrive set up? How much storage do you have in SkyDrive at the moment? I’m looking at 248GB from things like the old 25GB free standard, Office 365 subscription, and extras from the past two //Build/ conferences.

Source: SkyDrive