Over at TreoCentral you'll find the full skinny on the AT&T Treo 750 Windows Mobile 6 update, including this snarky little ditty at the end:

Of course, Treo 750 owners may want to think about preparing for another ROM update wait, as both Microsoft and Palm have announced that the Treo 750 will support Microsoft Microsoft System Center, Mobile Device Manager 2008. [...] It is widely expected to require a slightly newer version of Windows Mobile 6 in order to work properly.

That's right, folks, we're never happy. Ok, we like, we're happy, as the first look video below (after the break) attests.

Meanwhile, you know that updating your ROM means that you'll lose everything, so make sure you have a good backup, just in case. Actually, Sprite let us know that they have a backup tool designed to help you update. For ten bucks you'll get an app that will only backup (and then restore) the settings that won't cause weirdness after the update - i.e. a full backup from WM5 and then a full restore to WM6 is a recipe for weird behavior. Sprite Migrator for Treo 750 (purportedly) fixes that:

Avoid losing your call history, SMS messages, pictures, ringtones and more. Save time setting preferences such as speed dials and alarms.