ZHEROS, a fast-paced beat-em-up action game for the Xbox One is now available for purchase on the Xbox Store. In ZHEROS, you take on the role of the strong and dim-witted Mike or the agile and smart Captain Dorian as you fight off groups of enemies on your quest to save the galaxy. Your goal is to stop Dr. Vendetta, who is planning to mutate every living thing to become his minion. Here's a quick rundown of what you can expect from ZHEROS:

  • Engaging and rich combat system
  • Lots of spectacular combos and weapons to discover, which will have different effects depending on the enemies you'll have to face
  • Jump aboard your awesome mech! Rockets and lasers await you!
  • Local co-op mode to double the action with a friend - Amazing locations: from futuristic cities and laboratories to astonishing and wild forests where the danger lurks
  • Develop your character to fit your play style upgrading your muscle or your weapons

If ZHEROS sounds like your cup of tea, it's available for $20 on the Xbox Store right now, but Xbox Live Gold members can nab it for free.

See at the Xbox Store

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