Remember ZombiU, the zombie-themed action game from Ubisoft that was a launch title for Nintendo's Wii U console in November 2012? Well, nearly three years later the game is coming back with some revamped graphics for the Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4 platforms, along with a slightly different name: Zombi.

Here's a quick descrption of the game:

"Casting players as (a series of) survivors fighting to stay alive in a zombie-infested London, Zombi puts an emphasis on self-preservation, pushing players to distract or avoid zombies rather than confronting them directly. If you choose to stand and fight, you'll have to rely on whatever scarce ammo you can find for your zombie-attracting firearms, or – more often than not – try to club zombies to death with a cricket bat. Dying replaces your character with a new one who then has to fight your zombified previous incarnation in order to retrieve whatever you were carrying before you died. Failure means losing your loot. It's a tense experience, something the developers took to heart while bringing Zombi to other platforms."

While Zombi will get a graphical revamp, it will ditch the multiplayer mode of the Wii U version, which required its touchscreen GamePad controller. The game will be released as a digital download only on August 18 but no price has been revealed.

Source: Ubisoft