Zombies have become a very popular character these days and Windows Phone games have their fair share of zombie games. Zombies Attack! Free is the latest incarnation of the zombie themed games.

The game premise is simple, destroy the zombies by dropping an assortment of bombs on them as they parade across your Windows Phone screen. Any zombies that make it across, will eat away at your health. To see how you prevent the undead from devouring your brains, skip on past the break.

The game is laid out simple.  You have the title screen and the game screen. 

In the upper right of the game screen are four buttons. One to pause the game (the back button will also pause the game), one to choose fire bombs, one to choose standard bombs, and the fourth to drop a nuke (limited quantities). The nuke is a specialty item that will wipe everything on the screen out. You can earn extra nukes as you defeat the Monster Bosses.

To drop a bomb, just tap the screen. You'll need to give the bomb drop a little lead time to take out the leading zombies. Basically, you need to get a bomb drop pattern to carpet bomb the parade of the undead.

There are fifty levels of play and the zombies seem to get a little more pep in their step as you progress through the game. After each fifth level a Boss Monster will appear that takes numerous hits to take out.

All in all, Zombies Attack! Free is a simple, well presented, enjoyable game for your Windows Phone. The game is a little on the easy side but still a fun way to pass the time with.

Zombies Attack! Free is a free, ad-supported game that you can find here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.