ZTE handsets

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Remember the alledged ZTE Windows Phone 8 hardware we took a look at last month? In that article we also looked at some colourful devices that sported a centralised USB port, which is the norm with latest Windows Phone hardware. Could they have been the real deal? We're still not entirely sure which way to lean, but what we do now know is ZTE has confirmed at a conference that they'll be supporting Windows Phone 8.

The company held a conference in Italy to unveil Android hardware for the market and a Windows Phone 8 question was thrown to the representatives. The Chinese manufacturer responded with the plan to launch a Windows Phone 8 smartphone in the first quarter of 2013. Unfortunately no further details are available so this should be taken lightly until official confirmation via press release is made available.

ZTE has been in trouble recently in the US with Congressional Intelligence Committee labelling both Huawei and ZTE as security threats to the US and advised firms to not do business with them. US Cellular managed to pick up the ZTE ("Orbit") Render, a Windows Phone 7.5 handset that sports all the bells and whistles one would expect from a mid-range smartphone.

It'll be interesting to see if ZTE can penetrate into the US market with a Windows Phone 8 smartphone, and if any carrier would bother stocking it.

via: Windows Phone Italy; thanks, Emanuele, for the heads up!