Zubie wants to make your driving safer and easier

Do you often find yourself wondering if a loved one made it to their destination safely? Well, a new Windows Phone app called Zubie is setting out to address those concerns and make your trips a little safer and easier in the process. The app allows you to easily set alerts for when family members arrive at their destination. Furthermore, when paired with a Zubie Key, which plugs into your car's dash, you can track everything from your car's health to your teen's driving habits.

Here a rundown on what you can expect from Zubie:

  • Set Place Alerts to know when loved ones come and go from places that matter - like school, home, or work – determined by a boundary you set.
  • Invite friends or family members into driving groups to securely share locations while you're in transit.
  • Location sharing is always secure and private – you control with whom or for how long.

Purchase the Zubie Key- which plugs in under your dash and connects to your car's on-board diagnostics-port to unlock your car's full potential! $99.95 annual fee for Zubie's Always Smart® cellular connection.

The Zubie Key helps you:

  • Track your car's location and trips in real-time
  • Prolong vehicle health with engine diagnostics and battery voltage
  • Monitor and coach your teen driver with insights on speeding, acceleration, braking and more.
  • Stay aware of your car's current market value.

Be sure to hit up the store link below if you want to give Zubie a shot!

Download Zubie for Windows Phone (free)

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