It's real, folks. The Zune HD. And it's coming this fall. And as we previously noted, it's one sexy device. About the only thing missing is, well, a phone.

It's said to have a 3.3-inch OLED capacitive touchscreen, at 272 pixels by 480 pixels. There will be a built-in HD Radio (as in FM) receiver and high-def output (by way of a dock). Not much is known about the software, which is where we're really interested, given all the rumors about how the Zune and Windows Mobile 7 will be sharing features in the future. (And damned if it doesn't still make us think of the Touch Diamond 2 every time we look at it.) We do, however, know that it connect the Zune Marketplace with the Xbox 360, which is very cool. Also on board is Internet Explorer.

So, yeah, still no Zune phone for now. But Microsoft's Chris Stephenson, general manager of global marketing for Microsoft Zune, tells CNET we likely will see plenty more of the Zune features, though not until next year.

"This is enough work for us this year," he said. "Going forward, Zune will start to surface on multiple platforms across the ecosystem. Expect to see it pop up in many different places."

No word on pricing or more details on the specs, and the official Zune HD site is scarce on info. But keep your eyes peeled, folks. This could well have pretty big ramifications for Windows Mobile in the months ahead.

Via Engadget and CNET