The Zune HD has been given a firmware update, moving it from V4.1 to 4.3. We were not-so-secretly hoping the first update (or second, if you're counting the initial one on launch) would enable a hidden 3D World-band phone inside, Bluetooth and a speakerphone. But that's just us being a little crazy.

Instead, here's the official line, as cribbed from the Zune forums:

Zune HD firmware update: Today we released the v4.3 firmware update for Zune HD players; this update adds support for upcoming 3d games and applications, as well as an auto-suggest feature for better text input, and other minor improvements. Enjoy!

And digging through the forums, we're also seeing:

  • Much-improved Web browsing, both in speed and rendering. You can toggle between desktop and mobile. And there's now a landscape keyboard. (Huzzah)
  • New display settings for video out. You can choose HDMI Auto, 720p or 480p in addition to compositie video.

Get the update by connecting your Zune, then going to Settings>Device>Player Update. And after the break, instructions for those with 16GB Zune HD's who may not be seeing the update

Those of you having problems, you don't necessarily have a problem with your region and it has nothing to do with 32gb v. 16gb. Simply do a system restore on the device.

1. Press POWER/MEDIA (side) butons together for 15 seconds. wait for the full time or until you see the screen that tells you you will need to connect to use the device THIS WILL NOT DELETE YOUR CONTENT.

2. Start the Zune desktop software and reconnect your Zune. The update should start right away.